Hi, My name is Seth Kushniryk.

I'm currently a student at the University of British Columbia studying International Economics. I use this website to host and document various projects, and information like my résumé and my public key.

Outside Economics, I have many interests—particularly technology. I do a lot with computers. This website and my mail server, as well as some other services are all hosted on a FreeBSD machine I administer. I also enjoy programming. My favourite language is C, and though I rarely have time for programming, I have a few C projects I'm working on. I built this site with PHP, though a lot of the time I wish I had chosen a different language. I also like Java and R—which I use primarily for school. I also have some experience with 6502 assembly, and am working on a 6502-based single board computer as a hobby project.

I enjoy electronics, and am an active member of the UBC Amateur Radio Society. My amateur radio callsign is VA7KSH, and while my own station is only capable of 2m and 70cm FM, I spend a lot of time working HF at VE7UBC.

I'm currently learning photography. I like working with film. I currently use a Minolta X-700 and an X-370 with a few Minolta/Rokkor lenses. I post my favourite photos on my blog. I enjoy taking photos of buildings and landscapes the most.

Music is another passion of mine. I play guitar and drums, and I'm (slowly) learning to play pipe organ. I like most music, but my favourite genres are American folk music and classical. My favourite composers are Bach, Beethoven, and Buxtehude. My favourite folk artists are Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Woody Guthrie.